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Are you missing the boat?

If you are not in the foreclosure market you are missing the boat and the pier and soon everything else. Foreclosures do not have to be your sole focus but if you are not at least knowledgeable in the single most active segment in today’s Real Estate market you are making a huge mistake. Go through this site and read everything you can. Ask questions. Open the door of possibilities that can change your experience. Add some pillars holding up your front porch. Personal story: After years of selling residential property I felt immune to ups and downs of the market. Then in the early 90’s the bottom fell out of real estate. I had several employees and that means payroll. Out of desperation I hired a consultant to look into what I was doing with a fresh pair of eyes. Within 30 minutes of listening to my situation he said “You need more pillars holding up your front porch” A turning point in my career! I added foreclosures to my “toolbox” and went from 50 transactions a year to over 200. His name was Brian and I think about him every so often. Smart guy.