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Stay Connected To Your Clients

Staying connected in the microwave, we want it now mind set that is today’s real estate buyer is more important than ever. Your Mimian website has another free tool that if you use it can keep you connected to your buyers with information they want, newly offered foreclosures the day they come onto the market. By filling out the “Email Alert” on your Mimian website for each of your potential home buyers you will build in a very short time an email list that will all be notified of new foreclosures immediately as they come on the market. The “email Alert” is one more, free tool that if you use it will pay off in ways you never thought. When a client calls you and says “I got your email about 123 Main street and I want to make an offer” you will be surprised the first time and then after several of these sort of calls you will understand the power of staying connected to your buyers. It takes very little effort and is one of the best ways to stay in contact with a large number of people. Twitter is another good way but many people will not have a Twitter account. Everyone that contacts you through your website will! Email Alerts are the easiest first step toward becoming integrated into the daily lives of thousands of home buyers. Like any Mimian tool it is free and if you have any getting started just call customer service for help.